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New GO13 Behind-the-scenes video

By outreach | August 31, 2009

For ITVS’ pilot Project 360 program we created a fantastic new behind-the-scenes video where Kristy and Dawn meet up with two of the girls––now 18 years old––from Going on 13. Find out where they are now, and see them turn the tables and interview the filmmakers:

Pic from GO13 Update Video

Our kick-ass interns’ reactions to the updates:
Frances- Dannng, Ariana and Esme are so grown up now! They look beautiful and more mature. I’m so happy for them two, graduating from high school and moving on with their lives. Yippee! I wish all four girls were there for the Update Video. I wanted to see how all four girls changed-physically, and personality wise. Esme said she grew more wiser, I believe that’s true. She grew up to be herself, and to ignore what others told her- like “He hate Mexicans.” Esmeralda has become a beautiful young woman (:. Both young ladies have sprouted to be independent and .. “Strong, Smart, and Bold.” Ariana has built herself to the top. She knows what she wants and how to succeed. She was confident then and confident now. Remember Ariana said she wanted to be a lawyer, she found her passion in being around kids, leading to the desire of being a teacher. I think that’s awesome. I’m 16 now and I still don’t know what exactly what I want to do or be when I grow up. I wonder how Isha and Rosie are! Did Rosie decide to go to college? How has Isha changed? This update video is an awesome follow up.

Katarina- I love these girls soo much! They’ve grown to be beautiful lovely ladies! I wish I knew what Isha and Rosie we’re up to. Oh well, hopefully someday we’ll find out what they’re doing. (oprah?)Man, Esme and Ariana pretty much have everything figured out, they have a REALLY good idea about where they want to be in life….luckies (LOL). It’s PSYCHO how much the girls have changed. They’ve moved on to bigger and better things, carrying strong wills and even stronger beliefs.
I love how for the first time we see the girls asking the directors (Dawn and Kristy), and getting some cool answers like why they picked those girls, what was the most exciting parts, and some good analysis of what the “camera crew” (Dawn and Kristy) thought of  working around young girls for 4 years.
Everyone should get on this upload and CHECK IT OUT! Cause even though I watched the movie, there is still plenty to learn about the wickedly awesome dudettes behind the scenes as well as the stars. There is still a lot people can discover about themselves with these girls help.

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  1. Thats a beautiful thang!

    Posted by: Robert trujillo on September 25th, 2009 at 8:18 pm