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BEWARE… it’s female

By Kick-butt interns | August 24, 2009


Frances- There are a lot of stereotypes in this world.  But for starters as a young woman myself, i hate hearing the sexist jokes and stereotypes about girls and womyn. It just shows the ignorance and nerves of this unawared jerk. The interns most recent blog was about youth power- and coming from Girls Inc., AYPAL, and STP, one of our group agreements is NO ISM’s. To evaluate, ‘No isms’ mean No putting down another group: No being sexist, racist, and etc. This topic was chosen because of this video me and kati watched. It’s pretty crazy! and funny! And im not laughing about how all the drivers are women. Thats not true! Not all women cant drive. My mom drives perfectly GREAT. At the end of the video, it shows a caption of “Ooops… that was a man” or something. and the scene was him doing an pefect quick park or whatever. JUST watch it and you’ll understand what im talking about. female driver compilation? QUICK story! In my 10th grade year, my english teacher was telling a story about how…. Women can’t drive and he totally jinxed himself. I forget, then something happened to him. FAIL. hah~ that proves him wrong :] . Wat other… the stereotype about how women has to be a loyal wife, dedicated mother, etc. ahhhh that’s bull poop. For example let’s take Dawn Valadez for example. She’s an awesome mother and umm.. A FILM maker. and development manager of DSFRC. oh and a wife! 4 occupations, she’s a strong smart and bold woman. :)Well ladies, next time you hear a “She throws like a girl….” or “Women can’t drive” , TELL THEM TO PUT A SOCK IN IT. or respond “How does a girl throw” …. thats how i usually ask them.

WATCH VIDEO: Female Driver Compilation

Katarina: So women are still housewives…HUH!!?? WHAAAAT!!! I do not get it! Nowadays with the unfair pay (for every dollar a dude makes, a chick makes 73 cents) Women have to work 3x MORE than a guy to get ahead! WHYYY!??

I mean that whole “where’s my dinner” thing is sooo 1950’s.  Are guys scared that if women get fair pay, they’re going to loose that one thing that makes them feel better than us? (LAWL)  but seriously grow up! Even with all these sterotypes hitting us down all the time, we’re still a whole lot better(HA HA!)  Do you think a guy could really handle having a job where gender defined how little they gets paid, then working all day on some proposal the boss throws on ’em last second, on top of a report due the same day, later picks up the kids from school, go to daughters soccer practice, come home and while the significant other talks about their hard day at work, you cook dinner. yeah… Guys can’t take that. After two days of that they would quit their job, get into comedy then complain on Comedy Central about how difficult women are. Man can that get annoying! ALL people talk about is either how sexy a woman is or how much they moan & groan all day. GOSH! shut up lol.  I know so many awesome women who would put any stereotype into fear and shove it in a cave far away! Frances, Esme, Rosie, Ariana, Isha, Dawn, Kristy and Eva… Koodos for being AWESOME!

                                               D: ~Girls get tired of your complaining too boys, we’re not the only ones who do it.~D:

                      commission___aladdin__s_wish_by_archvermin.jpg <—–=——–Explains everything I wanted to say in this Blog.

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  1. Thanks ladies!!

    Posted by: Kristy on August 25th, 2009 at 10:20 pm