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August 6th, Screening in San Leandro

By Kristy | July 27, 2009


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One Response to “August 6th, Screening in San Leandro”

  1. My friend Robin sent this poem to me after the screening:

    Evening Sun

    Why does this light force me back
    to my childhood? I wore a yellow
    summer dress, and the skirt
    made a perfect circle.

    Turning and turning
    until it flared to the limit
    was irresistible….The grass and trees,
    my outstretched arms, and the skirt
    whirled in the ochre light
    of an early June evening.

    And I knew then
    that I would have to live, and go on
    living: what a sorrow it was; and still
    what sorrow burns
    but does not destroy my heart.

    Jane Kenyon, from The Boat of Quiet Hours (1986) and Otherwise (1996)

    Posted by: Dawn Valadez on September 20th, 2009 at 6:22 pm