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You can't staya little girl forever

From Tweety Bird to Bow Wow, double dutch to chat rooms, Daddy's girls to first deceptions, watch as Ariana, Isha, Rosie, and Esme let go of childhood and fumble — or sprint — toward an uncertain future. This is puberty and for each of these girls of color, it’s a whirlwind of change and new choices. Without flinching, GOING ON 13 enters their world as they negotiate the precious, precarious moments between being a little girl and becoming a young woman.

"In the spirit of documentary greats like Seven Up! and Hoop Dreams"   — TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL

" star star star star A rare and frequently inspiring close-up on girls who are at an age that is usually quite impenetrable to adults."   — TIME OUT NEW YORK


From the Filmmakers:

Thank you for your support and interest in GOING ON 13. We are proud of the project and all that it accomplished in sharing the stories and lives of young girls of color. You can now purchase the film for your personal use via Paypal for $25.00 or watch it online through one of these streaming services (prices vary): iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay.

Stay in touch about GOING ON 13 via the facebook page and twitter.

For more information about projects by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan visit her website.
For more information about projects by Dawn D Valadez visit her website.

Kristy and Dawn

P.S. The film is no longer available for educational distribution via New Day Films but you can purchase it for home use via paypal. Contact either Dawn or Kristy for presentations or public screenings. Thanks.